Hero Of Sparta – Hack, Slash & Bash For The iPhone



Gameloft have outdone themselves with, Hero of Sparta, a God Of War type hack-em-up game for the iPhone that looks and plays fantastic. True, it may not have the depth of God Of War but Hero Of Sparta is definitely one if the best games for the iPhone so far.

The game is set in third-person as you control King Argos, an old-school Spartan hero fighting his way through 8, 3D levels. You control the character via an on-screen joystick and button pad allowing you to fight and block various enemies as they crop up. Despite being somewhat ‘bash as many buttons as quickly as possible’, Hero Of Sparta does offer some subtlety via button combinations in order to pull off special moves and the like.

At $9.99 it is somewhat pricey as far as iPhone apps and games go but the graphics are some of the best we have seen so far on an iPhone game and Hero Of Sparta may be the standard other games will have to live up to in future. Available to download from the Apple app store now – link

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