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We’ve seen all kind of speakers here at GadgetHeat from wooden to crystal speakers

but Harmon Kardon have taken the gimmick a step further by releasing the appropriately named Harmon Kardon GLA-55 Speakers.

The Harmon Kardon GLA-55 speakers (yes the name is a bit cheesy) promise to be the best 2.0 speakers on the market and come with 100-watt bi-amplified digital amplifier (sounds classy) and with DSP equalization. If you know anything about speakers you know that the Harmon Kardon GLA-55 Speakers will be bumping the base hardcore.

As with any self respecting gadget these days, the Harmon Kardon GLA-55 Speakers respond to touch sensitive controls which given the aesthetics of the thing, are rather hard to spot.

You can get your own set when the Harmon Kardon GLA-55 Speakers are released later this year.






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