Google Dashboard » Big G Knows All About You & Your Taxes


google dashboard

If you have been pondering how much information Google has about you, the Google Dashboard can give you a clue to answering the question. The big “G” has launched a service that processes the data stored by various Google services you use and then provides a summary of the personal settings and privacy of each of them. That’s right, G uses its Google Dashboard to keep track of all your unsavory activities, just in case….

You will see entries containing your user accounts such as email addresses , name e.t.c when you log into the dashboard. Blogger information, Calendars and other file sharing information are also visible on the Google Dashboard.

There are about 20 different Google products in this dashboard including Voice, You tube, Gmail e.t.c You may want to check it out to see if  that stuff you were looking at last night is being tracked…..

google dashboard

google dashboard


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