BUGbase WiFi » SLASHED TO $99


BUGbase WiFi

If you are a hardcore DIYER (unlike us layabouts) then you are surely up for a big surprise as BUGbase WiFi has one of the exciting sales of the month.

For a deal you can’t resist, Bug Labs is making an incredible price slash of its BUGbase WiFi from $449 to just $99. Can you beat that? That’s like a 75% price drop (who said the recession was all bad?). The catch is that you have to have an original old Hiro P’ BUGbase to trade-in to qualify for the discount.

You can be part of the bug and send your original Bug Base (Hiro P) to the company before November ends in order to qualify for the cut-price BUGbase WiFi. Don’t forget to mention the trade-in offer otherwise you’ll get stung for the full BUGbase WiFi price.

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