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Gokukawa Black Leather Keyboard – Bye Bye RSI



If you’re like any of the GadgetHeat

staff, you’re probably in front of a computer for a good 8 to 10 hours a day and the Gokukawa Leather Keyboard is just the kind of comfort gadget that makes the on-line slavery just a little bit easier to bear. The Gokukawa Black Leather Keyboard takes a standard Gokukawa Keyboard and wraps each key in the soft saddle leather, making typing a delight and falling asleep at the computer an far nicer proposition than usual as at least you have somewhere soft to lay your head….

That’s right folks, each and every key is individually wrapped making sure that the end result is literally skin tight (^^). The only down side (well not only), is that there are no markings on the leather for the ‘standard’ version of the Gokukawa Leather Keyboard

. We say ‘standard’ but when you’re forking out $548 (yes, that’s how much it costs to get your keyboard looking like a dead cow), there’s nothing standard about it.

For an additional $50 you can have the keyboard letters engraved into the Gokukawa Leather Keyboard

so you can actually see what you’re typing.

Available in Japan (where else), the Gokukawa Black Leather Keyboard can be yours immediately. Just make sure you don’t end up sitting on it by accident. It looks so soft that you could fall asleep at your desk and have a nice comfy cushion to lay your head (yes, we work so hard here that it could happen….).



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