Cyber Sport Orbita Mouse – Now Available



We love it when a concept gadget comes into reality and the long known about but never seen Cyber Sport Orbita Mouse looks like one of the few cool concept gadgets to have made the cross-over from the drawing board to the shop-shelf.

The Cyber Sport Orbita Mouse features a scroll dial that allows for continuous scroll in a much more fluid motion than your standard 800dpi mouse. Fashioned like a horizontal click wheel, you can use the mouse as a jog dial to step through video frame by frame (why you would ever want to do that we don’t know ^^).

Dispensing with right and left mouse buttons, the Cyber Sport Orbita Mouse uses a squeeze to left-click and you can right-click by pushing down. It may take a short while to get used to but from the video below, it looks like it could be pretty intuitive.

Compatible with both Mac and PC, we’re guessing that Mac users may be the early adopters of the Cyber Sport Orbita Mouse and for $98.50, it’s right in their price range


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