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80s Rubik Cuble Clock


The Rubik’s Cube, ah those heady days of surriptiously unsticking the colors then placing them in the right place because you just couldn’t get all those yellows on the same side (there would always be one rebel, holed up amongst the reds like a traitor to his own kind…).

Even though it did drive people crazy (especially us at GadgetHeat) trying to figure it out the Rubik’s Cube is still a cult classic and a whole industry has been build around the little colorful box of madness. So much so the FedFlare’s Cube alarm clock, rather than looking like an 80’s throwback, has the distinct aura of a gadget that is modern day cool.

Keeping with the them the Cube Alarm Clock tells the time on one face then, by twisting the remaining sides and colors in the correct order the Cube alarm clock also displays the date and even the temperature. Some may say that when they buy a clock they want it to give up all it’s information (day, time, temperature) immediately without having to make them work for it at 7am on a Monday morning but others will say that is half the fun.

Nothing like desperately trying to hit the right configuration for ‘snooze’ by fumbling you way around a Rubik’s cube and cursing that rebel yellow…

The 80’s Cube Alarm Clock is available from FredFlare

for $22

80s Rubik Cuble Clock

80s Rubik Cuble Clock

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