Foxit eSlick Electronic Reader



The Foxit eSlick Electronic Reader makes no bones about the market demographic it is targeting – Budget Bargain Buyers. At $259 you may be thinking that it is not much of a bargain but when compared to the $300 + price tags of other electronic readers (think Kindle

and SONY), then the Foxit eSlick Electronic Reader looks rather more appealing.

True, for the discounted price (down to as low as $229 if you are amongst the first few buyers), you do not get all the other extras offered by other readers such as subscriptions etc. However, the Foxit eSlick Electronic Reader does allow you to use the reader as an MP3 player if you ever get tired of flicking through pages and just want to sit back and chill on your way home form work. The Foxit eSlick Electronic Reader offers over 8000 page views of battery life, has an inbuilt 128MB memory which is expandable by another 2GB via an included SD card and has a 6inch screen with 800 x 600 resolution.

Available in January 2009, we expect the Foxit eSlick Electronic Reader to have an impact on the Kindle’s market share if they get their marketing right but expect Amazon to quickly respond with the Kindle 2. We’ll be waitng for the fall out.


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