Features of Immersive Experience VR Games

vr 3519964 640

vr 3519964 640

Immersive Experience is one of the types of Virtual Reality experiences that there is. This is actually said to be the best as it totally transforms the users surrounding to that of the reality that they have chosen. That being said, we shall take a look at some of the best features that come VR game sin the immersive experience category. 

Immersive Experience VR Game Features

Eye Tracking

The eye-tracking feature was implemented by the FOVE VR headset and is uses what is known as foveated rendering. This is a process whereby the headset saves the processing power by rendering the part of the screen you are watching in fine detail and blurring everything else. This process has opened to more accurate and realistic VR settings just like sports betting nzd it is so accurate. 

Head Tracking

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Head tracking is another awesome feature that comes with VR immersive experience games. This allows the headset to track the users head moves and correspond according.  Take for instance when playing VR casino slots and you want to nod your head, nodding it in real life will also no is the VR online casino game that you are playing. 

Full Body 

While head and eye tracking are fascinating, nothing says immersive experience more than the aspect of full-body tracking. In this situation, your whole will be taken into the game. And you are able to function in the VR world as you would be able to in the physical world. Just make sure not to bump into anything as you walk around the game. 

Lighthouse Technology

This is the technology that allows the user to use their hand and head in the head. What we mean by this is that lighthouse technology allows for a VR gamer experience to respond to the user’s movement. While everything else connects you to the VR game, lighthouse technology connects the game to you. 

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