FastMac IV – Make Your iPhone Last (nearly) Forever



GadgetHeat is all in favour of power boosting gadgets and the FastMac IV falls well within this category, unfortunately, it’s also fugly. That’s the price you have to pay for being able to charge your iPhone on the go.

The FastMac IV gives your iPhone battery up to 24 of talk time, 73 hours of audio, 20 hours of video playback and a massive 31 days of standby (yes, that’s one whole month of having your iPhone on with no calls, the phrase ‘Billy no-mates’ springs to mind).

The FastMac IV will even charge other USB devices straight from the phone, now that’s what you call a powerhouse. Like we said in the beginning, all this comes at the cost of looking anything close to cool. The FastMac IV is all brains but no beauty.

Available now for $79.99, get ready to take your iPhone off its Aerosystem Speakers pedestal

and place it in the safe but calloused hands of the FastMac IV.


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