Alienware CrossFireX M17 Notebook



Alienware today revealed another member of it’s M17 family, the Alienware CrossFireX enabled M17 notebook. The difference between this and its siblings? 17″ screen and the first in the family to be CrossFireX enabled. Other gaming laptops such as the Asus G50

and Packard Bell iPower GX

need to make space for the new (ish) boy in town.

Alienware have much hyped this release and in all honesty it’s a bit of a disappointment. True, if you have the cash you can beef it up with an Core 2 Quad Extreme CPU, jack the memory with up to 4GB of DDR3 RAM, add the flashy WXGA+ / WUXGA panel, become graphically superior with a twin ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3870 GPUs, watch quality playback with an optional ATSC HDTV tuner, and splash out on up to 640GB of HDD space (phew, that’s a long list of expensive extras for the M17 notebook).

Saying all the above, the Alienware CrossFireX enabled M17 notebook is still a very heavy hunk of machinery for something being touted as a ‘notebook’ and as for battery life….my advice is don’t drift too far from a power socket….

Pricing starts at $1399 for the entry level Alienware CrossFireX enabled M17 notebook model but even adding the Core 2 Quad Extreme CPU will add an additional $1200. Get the chequebook out…..




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  4. $5,000.00 later, tons of problems, especially heat, computer is shot and now just 3 months out of warranty. This lap top was pampered and respected. We are extremely disappointed in the service (or lack there of) and the quality. DO NOT RECOMMEND PURCHASE.

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