ezGear Wii Music Wiimotes Pack >> Wii Instruments Galore



As if the Wiimote wasn’t innovative enough, its spin-off’s and derivatives just keep raising (or trying to raise

) the bar. EzGear have announced a line-up of usable Wiimote holders for Wii Music which come in various instrument shapes such as saxophones (cool), violin and drumsticks.

Each instrument in the ezGear WiiMusic Pack will set you back $30 and whilst not as cool as the Logitech Premiere Edition Wireless Guitar Hero controller

, the saxophone is pretty hot and ezGear will no doubt be set to release more instruments if the initial pack is successful. Think of the all the rock piano players who have been discriminated against, no doubt we will be seeing a grand piano Wiimote for Wii music very soon…

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