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Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder » New and Old School



The Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder has a nostalgic look about it with its array of buttons and switches and lack of touchscreen. It bucks the recent trend to digitise every aspect of cameras (and gadgets in general), and looks pretty cool too.

The major changes to previous incarnations of the Epson R-D1 series is a larger 2.5″ LCD, SDHC card compatibility and enhanced EDiART image processing. The Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder has all the usual R-D1 specs of 6-megapixels, RAW and JPEG modes and the usual Leica M and L glass compatibility.

Available to buy in April, the Epson R-D1x Digital Rangefinder is one for those who want something different to the digital camera monstrosities

out there.

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