Electronic Feng Shui Compass – Fortune Compass



Any system that is 4000 years old (even an imaginary one) needs to have an update from time to time and Fortune Compass have come up with what all you wannabe interior designers have been waiting for, the Electronic Feng Shui Compass.

The Fortune Compass packs all the principles of Feng Shui (i.e. furniture placement done by arty types) into this iPod look-alike gadget.

Not only that, the Electronic Feng Shui Compass also promises you ‘instant access to 4000 year old Feng Shui Mysteries’ allowing you to ‘engage your personal power center’ whenever you like. Nice.

This spiritual device is available for the all too real price of $399. I’m sure (making a) fortunecompass

used the principles of Feng Shui to determine the Electronic Feng Shui Compass price point ^^.


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