Eclipse The Competition – The Intuit Concept Phone



The name of this cell phone by Eddie Goh is appropriate – Eclipse. This concept phone can be charged just by exposure to sunlight or even better, any kind of light. The boys at GadgetHeat

have now ditched their iPhone savings account and switched it to the Eclipse Intuit Concept phone savings account in anticipation for one of the sweetest cell phones we’ve seen this year.

The Eclipse Intuit has chemical based solar panels in the front and the back but far from adding to the bulk of the phone, it uses a spray-on solution which allows the cell phone to remain super slim. All the usual features of a cell phone can be found here including 5 mega-pixel camera, slide out keyboard and touch screen technology making it a real challenger to the upcoming 3g iPhone if the Eclipse Intuit ever gets out of the concept design stage.

In this world of Eco-friendly everything, a solar powered mobile phone that can charge constantly without a accessing any other power source is a definite step in the right direction and we at GadgetHeat

hope that some of the big cell phone designers pick up Eddie Goh and his Eclipse Intuit Concept phone.

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  1. Wow. Nice one, and hopefully a little less disappointing than the iPhone (if it is manufactured). I wasn’t so impressed with the iPhone, although it does have pretty fast WiFi, it does lack essential features in a current gen phone such as umm I dunno… VIDEO!

    And speaking of concepts, you might want to check out the PlayStation 9 (yes, 9) concept trailer from Sony on my site. Apparently, Sony’s working on a ball shaped console!

  2. Finally people are thinking about solar powered c ell phones.
    Its 2010 for Christ sake. dont you think is about time you wake up (nokia, sony ericson, apple, samsung,etc)???

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