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Cloud Hosting – The Critical Service You Need Today


The ability to make use of cloud hosting services today has completely changed the landscape of the business world. All of the advances made in technology over the last ten years or so have allowed for much greater flexibility in how you operate your business, store and share information. The needs of the computer systems in your company have changed drastically in that time so that you no longer have to rely simply on the hard drives of your desktop systems or the network servers you have in your office. You are now able to do much more with your systems than ever before. If you make use of the cloud hosting providers UK offers today you will find a cloud host London has can provide you with just what you need for your business to grow.

Flexibility in Many Areas

When you make use of cloud hosting you will find that your company can have flexibility that you never had before. The services allow you to not only have greater storage of data and information thanks to cloud services but also the flexibility needed for your employees to share information more freely and work together easily. You no longer will have to worry about information, data, reports, documents and more being saved in one place and found on a computer so it can be disseminated to others. No it can all be saved to the cloud and shared among those that need to see it and work on it right away.

Microsoft Office 365 Performance


Microsoft’s increasingly strong Office 365 performance is coming partly at the expense of Google Apps

. It’s not just Microsoft saying that Office 365 is growing. Last year, cloud security company Bitglass said traffic analysis gave Google twice the market share of Office 365 among its customers, with 16.3 percent of the market; that went up to 22.8 percent this year as more companies switched to cloud services. Contact WinMax IT for your Cloud based Office 365 Requirement to start a 30 days free trial for complete satisfaction.

A Financial Savings

Using cloud services can be a significant financial savings to your company. The costs your business is accruing every time you need to upgrade and install software and applications on all of the desktops in your office can be very high and very time consuming, cutting into the productivity of your employees while they wait for the upgrade. Using the cloud can work to significantly lower your IT expenses since you will not have to spend hours or days performing updates, buying new software or hardware and having your IT department take the time to do everything. You also get much greater storage capacity with cloud systems so that you will not have to invest in larger servers or hard drives for your system to store information. On top of the financial savings, the systems are much more reliable and secure so you will not have to worry about downtime of applications that can cut into your work.

The key to cloud host services today is finding the right company that can provide you with everything you need. You will find among the cloud computing London services available today that WinMax IT can offer everything that you need. WinMax IT is highly experienced in cloud services and can offer you a variety of different service options that can meet the exact needs of your business. This can give you a much more affordable and effective option for your computer services.

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