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The Packard Bell Chroma is the prettiest USB 2.0 external hard disk drive GadgetHeat

has seen in a long time.

Saying that, it’s not trading on it’s looks alone, with a capacity of 250GB – 320GB it’s a decent storage option (although it still falls short of the My Book Essence which weighs in at 500GB) and at only 12mm, the Packard Bell Chroma is pretty svelte to boot.

The Packard Bell Chroma has a speed of 5400 RPM, translating to a data write speed of 480 mb/s, rests upon SATA technology and a FAT 32 format. Enough science, back to the prettiness and the 16 colour LED nested into the from of the Chroma will provide a pleasant distraction from your computer screen.

Powered through your computers USB port, no external power supply is needed for this external hard disk dirve which is a nice surprise for most of us who have unnecessary wires everywhere. Pick the Packard Bell Chroma up and admire your good looks whilst you work…

Packard Bell



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