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Canon PowerShot D10 Digital Camera » Shock And Awe Proof



The Canon PowerShot D10 Digital Camera is shock proof (allegedly). Meaning; you can drop it from a short height or have it flung (gently) against a wall and, all things being equal, it should remain unaffected.

Whenever anything (such as the Canon PowerShot D10 Digital Camera) announces that it is ‘something‘ proof, my first instinct is to try to disprove the theory. Call me juvenile, but I can’t help it (note: Shatter-proof does not mean unbreakable – believe me).

The list of ‘proofs’ for the PowerShot D10 includes shock, water (33 feet) and freeze-proof up to -14F. My fingers are itching to find a deep, cold lake with a rocky sea-bed….

The PowerShot D10 comes with 12 megapixels, VGA video and colorful interchangeable face-plates so that you can give your camera a unique look (as long as its blue, orange or camo), giving it a more distinct look than other PowerShot cameras


The Canon PowerShot D10 Digital Camera will be available fro $330 come May.





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