Sidekick 2009 Hands On » The Blade Is Live & In The Wild

sidekick-2009-hands on

sidekick-2009-hands on

Someone, somewhere has got the hands on the latest Sidekick 2009 model for a hands on and we wish it was us. Although we don’t like the previous offerings of the Sidekick in principle, the Sidekick 2009 is looking tastier by the minute with just one draw back. No WiFi.

Yes, we know that the 2009 Sidekick handset (also known as the Sidekick Blade), will have 3G but, if we had a choice, we would take WiFi over 3G any day of the week. The ‘in the wild’ picture screen below isn’t too far from the Sidekick 2009 rendering

we posted a few weeks ago.

If you read where we spotted that one, it goes to show that sometimes (just sometimes mind), taking on-line surveys are actually worthwhile.


sidekick-2009-hands on

sidekick-2009-hands on






  1. Looks sexy. Wish I could get one. D:

  2. In a few months you can (budgetary constraints allowing ^^).

  3. how much will it be

  4. No Price details yes but I expect it to be around the same or within 10% of the original sidekick price

  5. its super kool its like an 08 an LX and a slides buttons all mixed in together

  6. […] LX 2009 has been a long-time coming and we have had glimpses of the handset, also known as the Sidekick Blade, a few months back courtesy of strategic PR leaks. The day has finally arrived however and the […]

  7. I heard it will only cost 250 is that right?

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