Blue Zune Flash Player – Zune As We Know It



 Frys have revealed the new Blue Zune 8GB flash MP3 player is now available to order. The new Zune is also available in Silver but no pictures of that have been revealed as yet.

The Blue Zune comes with features such as ‘Device to Cloud‘ which allows access to wireless hotspots
allowing you to do all sorts of fun stuff including updating your stash and buy some more tunes form the Zune Marketplace. You can even exchange files with friends over the wifi.

The new 8GB Blue Zune allows you to customize your own ‘Channels’, stations that only play songs form playlists that you have approved.

The MP3 player even comes with a few pre-loaded games – Texas Hold’em and Hexic.

One of the best new features is ‘Buy From FM‘ allowing you to tag the songs you hear on FM stations so that you can purchase them once you sync your Zune to a PC.

The Blue Zune Flash Player looks pretty tasty and if they could just fit a Zune cellphone

somewhere amongst all the goodies, it would be one hot gadget….




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