Blu-ray laser Zippo Lighter » Lethal Laser Light Show



This mod transforms your ordinary loveable zippo flip-top lighter into a death ray. Well, it hasn’t been proven that the Blu-ray laser Zippo lighter can kill a man but from the look of the video, if you point this thing in the wrong direction, somebody is definitely going to get hurt.

Stepping back from the potential coolness of the Blu-ray laser Zippo lighter for a moment, who would take apart a Blu-ray device to actually make one of these? Even the cheapest of them would probably set you back a more then a few bucks. Back in the world of ‘if it’s cool, build it’, the Blu-ray laser Zippo lighter is definitely a conversation (and fire) starter.

No measly light display, this thing will burn out your retina if you look at it too closely so lighting a cigarette is no problem. The Blu-ray laser Zippo lighter is built by ambitious modder Rog8811, you can find the full build instructions here


When it burns you eyes out, don’t come complaining to us mind. Video below.

Flip-top Laser Lighter – video powered by Metacafe


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