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Bio-Cycle Skeleton Transport



This really isn’t our cup of tea but the Bio-Cycle by avant garde sculpture Judd Turner is cool enough to make it into the hallowed pages of GadgetHeat (just like the moto-Terminator

and the Alien table

and a lot of other creepy stuff).

We will give $100 to whoever can ride this bare-back for a mile without stopping (entries on a postcard please along with video evidence). Made from welded steel and other ‘found’ objects (read scrapheap), the Bio-Cycle composes of a human skeleton holding the spokes of the front wheel, the spine of said skeleton making up the body of the vehicle.

Just to prove that this is intended more as a piece of art than a means of transport, the Bio-Cycle comes without a seat (so if you were thinking of being the shiznit in your neighbourhood bike race, think again).

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