Apps You Need To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

pexels photo 929831 4

pexels photo 929831 4

What if tomorrow, you hear on the news that people are turning into zombies, no one knows why, how or if there will ever be a cure… What is your first move? How do you stay one step ahead of the apocalypse?

Chances are, you’ve already considered what kind of building you’d like to set up as a base to protect yourself from the zombies. It will have high sturdy walls, limited entrances and windows, a power generator, a local food source and plenty of fences. But, how would you find this building? Where would you begin your search?

If in the unfortunate event of a zombie apocalypse, your smart phone could be your ultimate guide to staying alive! We live in a powerful technology world where we rely on our smart phones to get us through out every-day routines. So, it’s important to know what apps will help increase your chances of survival amongst a world of the walking dead.

Below is an infographic created by The App Developers, on the best apps you’d need for survival during a zombie apocalypse. If in the disastrous future, we find ourselves in a zombie apocalypse, the below mentioned apps will prove themselves to be life or death! You can research app developers UK for further insight

into how you can develop your own zombie survival app that could save the future of humanity!

Surviving a Zombie Outbreak 1

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