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Apple Tqualizer T-Shirt – Fanboy Regulation Wear

apple-tqualizer equalizer T-Shirt

apple-tqualizer equalizer T-Shirt

The Apple Tqualizer is a new twist on an old idea. We have seen some funky T-Shirts around here before but the Apple Tqualizer adds some bump to the funk.

The Tqualizer is sound sensitive and features a multi-color equalizer patter woven (or skilfully printed) into the Apple logo. You will need four triple A batteries to get the show on the road but just remember to take them out when washing the shirt otherwise you’re going to have a problem.

Check the video below to see how the Apple Tqualizer gets down but in truth, if you have seen one equalizer shirt you’ve seen them all and we much prefer the personal soundtrack T-shirt

that you can program with your own theme tune. Now that’s a T-Shirt we can get down with.

The Apple Tqualizer is availabe for $45 from Jetsobox


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