A Run For The Money

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Horse racing has been around for centuries, giving people a chance to see who has the fastest horse, and bragging rights. This quickly gave way to betting, which is a large practice in the industry now. Betting on the contestants is sometimes random, but to those who have made a living off of it, there is research, math, and pure luck involved.

While races have been going on for centuries, there are numerous places around the world that get much more attention in this century. In America, the Triple Crown is the most prestigious series of races that horses can enter. In England, Cheltenham Festival is second only to the Grand National and gives both British and Irish trained horses a chance to battle it out for victory. This festival takes place every March, falling right around St. Patrick’s Day, which is right around the corner.


Now is the time to begin placing bets, and you want to make sure you pick the right horse, or it could end in disaster for you. For those that gamble recreationally on horse races, not much thought is put into it. They look at the past few races and pick their horse that way, but those that are more invested dig a little deeper.

Time is taken to look at the bloodline of the horse, the success rate of the jockey, and the past victories on certain types of track. This is all factored down into how likely this one horse is to win. Luckily, there is something that can help figure this out.


William Hill’s Cheltenham Festival 2015 horse racing results has all of last year’s results ready for you to look through, to better pick the winner of this year. With this information, being able to look at the winners of all of the races last year throughout the festival, it allows for smarter choices.

Now, with all of the information you have about your favorite horse, along with the results of last year, you can make educated guesses at who will win this year, and place that bet. As the odds increase, so do your hopes, but only time will tell on race day as to who will be crossing that finish line in first place. Will you be a winner?

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