5 Interesting Items the Modern Man Should Have

It’s easy to make a few guesses off the top of your mind about what the modern guy should have. You are probably thinking shaving kits and apps that remind you about your partner’s birthday. While these are important in their right, I have in mind things that are not so obvious.

It is about time for spring, so you should be thinking something more outdoorsy. You may already own some of the items I will mention, or they might be dated and in need of an upgrade. Either way, ensure you have them on your checklist. Ok, here goes.

  1. A weekend get-away bag

If you have any plans to spend some time in the outdoors this period, a weekend get-away bag will come in handy when you go on a Whether it is camping with the guys or taking a trek of self-discovery, you can’t not do without one. Don’t overdo it, however, when you are parking. You only need a few things, so your toothbrush and a liquor flask might just suffice.

If you have been cooped in your neighbourhood too long, and it feels like the same old scenery is driving you insane, visit a pal in a nearby city. You’ll only need this bag of course. Just enough to stock your important stuff.

  1. An electrical toothbrush

There’s no doubt hygiene is very important. You want the perfect smile to open doors for you wherever you go. Instead of using a traditional toothbrush that bores you with the monotony of up down swipe, switch it for an electric one. What’s the buzz? For one your pearly white will be scrubbed more efficiently.

It is common knowledge that electrical toothbrushes are powerful, ergonomically designed for a good grip

and can reach inner crevices. Not to encourage laziness, but there are times you just want to let the toothbrush do its thing. You can get great bargains at your local store.

  1. A digital journal

ipad tablet technology touch

We have electronic toothbrushes, so why not digital journals? Yes, we already do- blogs! Either way, it is always fun to share things you are passionate about. And in our write-it, post-it, like-it world, there are always people who share your interests and are willing to engage.

You can have a simple blog or take it further by creating a website. Remember to choose the right web hosting provider or you could have regrets. According to Brendan, digital expert at  “If you choose the wrong host, it will hurt your website performance.”

  1. A bicycle

We once loved riding bicycles. Somewhere along the line, save for few hipsters, many of us seem to have abandoned it. Time to go back to the basics. The world looks different on two wheels and it would be good if we could live this way for a while.

Don’t worry, your Beemer won’t complain. Learn to cheat on it every now and then with the thrill of riding a bicycle. Besides getting a full thigh and leg work out, bicycles save you money on gas and other needless maintenance issues. If you don’t have a bike, buy one now.

  1. A pocket knife

pexels photo 821650

Every guy should have a pocket knife. Not a hunting knife, but a good old swiss-army pocket knife

. You never know when it will be useful. Being stuck in the woods or needing to open the odd letter, are common examples of when you need one.

You can get a multi-knife from a local hardware store for as little as £3. Some people hold pocket knives so dearly, they make a huge deal of passing it on to the next generation. I don’t know what it is, but there’s something oddly handy about having a pocketknife about.

With these five items, you should be ready to face the world. Good luck

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