3D Navman – The Future Finally Got Here

Navman, the erstwhile point man to TomTom have just released a series of 3D SatNav systems. You would have thought that this would have been done ages ago giving that most satellite navigation screens are virtually 3D anyway, allowing you to have a birds eye view of the street before zooming in and around them.
Navman however have taken things on the GPS stage a step further by implementing 3D buildings as well. Now, I’m just being a cynic here but isn’t it more of a risk to motorists (and everybody else on the road) if there are even more pretty pictures to look at on your GPS screen as you drive? Just thinking out loud here…
Navmans new partnership with Mio sees them intent on bringing on the bling when it comes to satellite navigation (yes we’re calling the 3d Navman bling – aka we don’t really need it but it sure looks pretty) but GadgetHeat thinks that Mio‘s recent offering of the Knight Rider GPS

still wins hands down when it comes to the flashiness stakes. Come back William Daniels, all is forgiven…
If you really want one you can pick up the Nabaman S30, S50 and S70 for between £99 and £150 with the range coming with UK and European maps depending on the model.

navman 3d


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