17 inch Macbook Pro



The 17 inch Macbook Pro is what Apple fanboys the world over have been crying out for, something to really make the the world know that they paid $700 extra to make the jump from Macbook to Macbook Pro. What does ‘pro’ bring you? 17 inches of screen baby, yeah totally worth it…..

To be fair, the screen size isn’t all that’s new. The new Mackbook Pro is thinner than its predecessors but with a hefty, high-capacity non-replaceable battery and a hefty hard-hitting price-tag to match($2799). Just like its 13-inch little brother, the 17-inch Macbook Pro is of unibody aluminum build and has virtually an identical outer appearance. Under the bonnet however it’s a different story…

The 17 inch Macbook Pro comes with a 1920×1200 screen with LED backlighting as standard but the biggest difference is its non-removable lithium polymer battery, touted (by Apple, who else?) to be three-times as long-lasting as the industry standard battery. We’re talking up-to 8 hours of continuous use under optimum conditions.

Other specs include a 2.66 ghz processor, 4gb ram, dual-video card solution, a 320GB HDD and the “Superdrive”. All this for $2799, where’s my chequebook…..?

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