Logitech G-Series Peripherals – G9x Mouse, G19 Keyboard, G35 Headphones



Hot on the heels (or slightly lukewarm, dragging its feet) of the Logitech G13

are a host of new accessories for the gaming community, the Logitech G-series peripherals comprising of the G9x mouse, G19 keyboard and the G35 headphones.

For what it’s worth, they definitely look the part and make us wish for our hours-of-free-time uni days all over again.

The G-series peripherals include the G9x mouse, an update on the previously revealed Logitech G9 but with an extra 1800 dpi for you to play with (that’s 5000 in total my WoW fanboy friend). Also coming to join the part is the Logitech G19 keyboard. This baby comes with a 320 x 240 color LCD mounted on top for additional game info such as ammo and items held etc. The Logitech G19 keyboard also comes with 12 G-Keys (who came up with the naming convention? Snoop Dogg?) allowing you to program up to three macros for each key meaning you can be pulling-off complex maneuvers at the touch of a single button.

Last to join the gang is the Logitech G35 headphones. Now, to us, this is one of the coolest gaming headphones we’ve seen since the Plantronics 777.

This is a 7.1 surround sound headpiece with a “voice-morpher” so you can sound like Darth Vader or, if your more inclined, a Chipmunk, whilst battling pre-teens over a game of DOW 2.

The price for all these goodies? The Logitech G9x mouse will set you back $99, the G19 gaming keyboard will be around the $199 mark and out favourite, the G35 Headphones will cost you $129. Look out for all three when they are released around March – April.


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