xBox 360 60GB Pre-Order Launched

Years after they should have done it, Microsoft have finally got their act together and launched the 60GB Hard Drive version of the Xbox 360 Console

. With all the ‘3 rings of death’ controversy you would have thought this bit of good news would be getting more fanfare and publicity then it’s getting.
The official release date of the Xbox 360 Console with 60GB Hard Drive

is on August 4th but you can get your pre-order in right now at Amazon. Will it be a sell out limited edition console? Could be but if Microsoft don’t fix their 3 rings of death issue and quickly, Xbox sales will slow down world wide.
If you’re a hardcore xbox 360 fan and aren’t in the habit of chipping you console to play illegal games (^^) so as to invalidate your warranty, then you can pre-order your Xbox 360 Console with 60GB Hard Drive

right now.


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