Robotic Crabs – Hex Bug Buggin Out

Bandai, known for, well, being crazy mainly, have released another addition to their Hex Bug range – the Robotic Crab. You may ask the question (just as GadgetHeat did) as to why you would want a robotic crab as a pet and the answer is – why not?
With the success of the other creepy crawlies in the Hex Bug series and also remote control gadgets such as the Picoo Z Insecta

, it looks like the market for toys to scare your little sister with is booming.
The robotic crab Hex Bug can hide in dark areas just like a real crab (fun) thanks to embedded light sensors and can even move sideways, er, just like a real crab. OK we’re struggling with this one because we just can’t see how many hours of fun you can get from a toy crab. Sorry Bandai, we tried. We failed. Next.
If you really have some sort of crustacean fetish you can pick up the Bandai Robotic Crab Hex Bug from out Japanese friends come August 9th for about $25. You can also watch the promo video found here




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