X-Men Bring Out Their Watch Range – X-Watch

When we saw the X-Watch concept by Damien Kozlik we were hesitant to bring it to you. GadgetHeat has been staying away from concept gadgets for a few weeks simply because we hate to love them. You can’t get your hands on a concept unless your one of the few super-rich or an industry insider..
Luckily for you the coolness of the X-Watch was too much for us to resist. The watch is made out of rubber with red LED lights criss-crossing the frame to give a centre-piece which tells the time. The watch is designed for both the sighted and blind user meaning that the straps are graduated and undulated so that those with limited vision can still use it by using touch.
The X-Watch looks funky but as to its practicality, GadgetHeat isn’t convinced. There are some really cool gadgets in the design stage which are geared towards those with limited site but the X-watch looks more like style over substance

x watch

x watch5

x watch3

x watch2

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