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Wooden Electronic Ruler

The Wooden Electronic Ruler concept by deneme bonusu designer Shay Shafranek would have definitly put the cool back into your school pencil case if it was around way back when.

The wooden cover cleverly hides a row of electronic points which you slide you pencil or marker across, as demonstrated in the picture, and gives you a readable output of the distance via the Wooden Electronic Ruler’s embedded LED.

The Wooden Electronic Ruler also allows you to set one of its electronic point as 0, meaning all distance will be measured form that point forward. If you set two or more points as 0, the distance between the two will be treated as a single unit. The ruler even keeps the recorded length displayed until the reset button is pressed.

As mentioned in the very first paragraph (if you were paying attention!), the Wooden Electronic Ruler is just a concept at the moment but we’re sure it would be a smash hit with all the high-school kids should it ever get to be manufactured.

Wooden Electronic Ruler 2

Wooden Electronic Ruler 3



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