Wireless SingStar Microphones » The Musical Onslaught Doesn’t Stop (we wish it would)



Sony have announced the release of their wireless SingStar microphones. Karaoke is big in some parts of the world and is seeing an even bigger following with the emergence of the annoyingly successful SingStar game. Sony’s unabashed new release will only make the hordes of tuneless drunks even harder to avoid.

Yes, we know it’s not only drunk people who take part in karaoke but they are the most annoying culprits. The only good thing about the wireless SingStar microphones is that if you’re forced to take part, you can do it wirelessly from the back of the crowd rather than embarrass yourself at the front if any of your so-called mates happen to whip out their phones and record your inglorious moment for YouTube dissemination.

The Sony wireless SingStar microphones are available from 20th March and will arrive in time of SingStar Pop Edition due out in April. Wii Music

eat your heart out.





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