At-at Walker Boom Box » Musical Killing Machine



Of all the cool Star Wars

spin-offs, the At-at was hardly the scariest walking tank IMHO (reminds me of a metal camel) but as an At-at Walker Boom Box, it’s definitely got cool points, Star Wars fan or no.

Can’t tell you much else except that if GadgetHeat

was faced with a At-at Walker Boom Box killing machine, we wouldn’t know whether to run for our lives or whip out our Death Star T-Shirts

and get down and boogie.

Looks like the At-at Walker Boom Box is just a concept at the moment but with an idea this neat, it shouldn’t take long before an enterprising Star Wars enthusiast rustles this up for real.





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  1. […] you may want to wear the AT-AT Anatomy T-Shirt whilst walking down the street carrying your AT-AT Boombox just to make sure everyone knows what a Star Wars aficionado you are. The AT-AT Anatomy T-Shirt is […]

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