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Finally, Microsoft has unveiled their pricing model for the much awaited (and much downloaded) Windows 7 OS. Sticking to the pricing model that was started with Vista, Windows 7 will be available in Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate flavours with prices to match.

The full, out-of-the-box clean install prices and the upgrade prices of the various Windows 7 OS‘s are as follows: Windows 7 Home Edition -$120 for upgrade; $200 for full version. Windows 7 Professional: $200 for upgrade; $300 for full version. Windows 7 Ultimate: $220 for upgrade; $320 for full version.

It doesn’t stop there. Window’s 7 will come with another pricing structure for pre-orders (of which there will be a limited amount released, starting now at Amazon

ir?t=gadge04 20&l=ur2&o=1), only available to those who already have XP and Vista Installed. US, Canadian or Japanese PC owners who have XP or Vista, can pre-order Windows 7 for a discount upgrade price of $49.99 for Home Premium and $99.99 for Professional (no discount Ultimate upgrade price though). These are strictly limited on a first come first served basis – Pre Order Now

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If that hasn’t confused you, there is also a separate deal for European users who will not be able to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP or Vista due to EU Competition rules but will be able to buy the full versions of Windows 7 Home Premium and Professional at the discounted upgrade prices.

To summarise, get in early wherever you are and you will save a fair bit otherwise you will have to wait to buy either the upgrade or full versions at full prices. Windows 7, eh? Thought this was supposed to get easier….




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