Window 7 Beta Now Available – Go Grab It!



The long awaited (build 7000!) Window 7 Beta 1 is now available for download two weeks sooner than expected. Billed for a mid January 2009 release, some unethical insider has released the new Windows OS onto BitTorrent with some aplomb.

The early beta of the Windows 7 OS is said to be fairly decent and maybe (just maybe) may restore some of Microsoft‘s tarnished reputation after the error of judgement that was Windows Vista (let us know if we’re being too harsh but we think not). If you have a BitTorrent client then you should know where to look to grab your copy.


wouldn’t recommend installing the Windows 7 Beta 1 operating system on your main PC just yet but by all accounts the OS is stable and is said to be near enough the finished article. Below is a qoute from ZDnet who have taken it out for a test-drive:

This beta is of excellent quality. This is the kind of code that you could roll out and live with. Even the pre-betas were solid, but finally this beta feels like it’s “done.” This beta exceeds the quality of any other Microsoft OS beta that I’ve handled.

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