Why the Benefits of LED Lights Doesn’t Need to Cost Style

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As technology develops, we sometimes find that in order to get the best new device, gadget or system, we have to sacrifice a bit on the style side.  But the good news is that with LED lighting having been around for a while, the tech is now much improved and alongside that is the style and looks of the devices that are perfect to suit every room.  one of the perfect examples of this blend of new tech and style is the QAZQA range, available from premier supplier

Who are QAZQA?

QAZQA are a leading brand producing lighting solutions for both inside and outside the home and describe themselves as ‘quite unique’.  They take many current and retro styles of lighting and give them their own unique twist to allow people to have a very personalised and individual look to the lighting in their homes.  Their styles include Scandinavian, Romantic, Industrial and also many other looks as well as simple, classic styles of lighting that can work in any room of the house.

Why LED lights are the way to go


One of the reasons that the partnership between Lamp and Light and QAZQA is already proving so successful is that it offers an easy way for people to upgrade their home lighting systems to LED without sacrificing style and décor.

LED lights have been around for a while now but were initially quite expensive and didn’t always offer the level of illumination that people wanted.  The modern range of these lights offers powerful, white lighting and can work in anything from spotlights to ceiling lights, desktop lamps to outdoor garden lights.

LEDs are highly energy efficient, using 75% less energy and lasting up to 25 times longer than standard light bulbs.  The lights also emit light in a specific direction so there is less need for reflectors and diffusers, making lighting simpler.


Examples of effective LED lights

The Spot Light Egg 4 White is a perfect example of simple styles of lighting that can bring the benefits of LED to a room.  Each of the four lights can hold up to GU10 50W light bulbs offering a substantial amount of light.  Each of the lights can also be directed as required so perfect for kitchens or workspaces.

The Wall Lamp Fiore Clear shows the attractive side of the QAZQA range and the LED lighting.  This pretty floral themed wall lamp can add a feature to a wall and can hold one E14 40-watt light bulb.  It has clear crystal style flowers in front of the bulb, adding sparkle to the whole room.

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