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Watchmen Bearbrick

Watchmen Bearbrick

This Watchmen Bearbrick is a trendy addition to any budding Watchmen collection. If you’re a fanyboy (or hoping to make a quick buck by selling something to a fanboy) then you’re in luck. Add this to the Watchmen xbox 360

and you could make a pretty penny on eBay…

The limited edition Watchmen Bearbrick is available in bright yellow on one side (complete with headshot wound), and shiny black on the other side with the word ‘Watchmen’ printed along its length.

Surprisingly, it looks like it’s officially sanctioned by DC Comics. Unsurprisingly, it’s only available in Japan and the product page has the dire warning that the Watchmen Bearbrick will not be shipped abroad.

Still, if you can find someone to import it for you, you can be secure in the knowledge that the Watchmen Bearbrick will fetch you even more on eBay…Anyone speak Japanese? – Product page


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