Wake Up And Smell The Bread

We’ve seen our fair share of novelty alarm clocks from the Rubiks Cube Alarm Clock

to the Shape Up Alarm clock

that requires you to exercise in order to turn it off. GadgetHeat has now come accross the Osim Nioi Alarm Clock by Alfie Lake

that wakes you up by wafting the smell of freshly baked bread up your sleeping nostrils.

Not only that but the Osim Nioi Alarm Clock can also send you to sleep by emitting the smell of Lavender or subtle mint into your room as you doze-off into wonderland. Personally I love the smell of fresh bread but if I woke up to that smell, I would expect to eat some and be miffed if there wasn’t any ready for me to get my mouth around.

Alfie Lake should also consider allowing other smell catridges to be used in the Osim Nioi Alarm Clock such as coffee (of course) and maybe spicy noodles for those of us who like to take a lunch time nap (ahem).

osim nioi Alarm clock

osim nioi Alarm clock


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