Ulysse Nardin Chairman Phone » Steampunk Smartphone



The Ulysse Nardin chairman phone is a steampunk-like creation from mad watch maker Ulysse Nardin (the clue is in the name we guess). The Swiss watchmakers venture into the world of phones has led to the creation of this kinetically powered handset that looks like something out of the Victorian age with a decidedly modern smartphone


Only 1846 of the hand made (yes folks, a hand-made phone) Ulysse Nardin Chairman Phone will be made. Adding unique design, limited availability to smartphone technology means that this handset will probably require you to take out a small mortgage and sign-up to a 3 year contract in blood before you can take one away with you.

Set for official release at the the Baselworld 2009 watch and jewelry show on March 26, the Ulysse Nardin Chairman Phone and its kinetic powers will be one to watch come second quarter 2009 (pun intended).

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