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Toyota Mind-Controlled Wheelchair

Toyota Mind-Controlled Wheelchair

Introducing the Toyota Mind-Controlled Wheelchair. Since the automobile industry has gone to pot, Toyota have decided to put some of their eggs into this Mind-Controlled Wheelchair concept. Although it is still not finished, the Toyota Mind-Controlled Wheelchair can be made to move and steer just with the force of sheer brain-powers. Dummies are out of luck.

Brain signals can be deciphered by the inbuilt electroencephalograph (EEG) technology within milliseconds. Software then automagically transforms those brainwaves into commands so that the Mind-Controlled Wheelchair can move forward, left, or right almost instantly, X-Men stylee.

To stop the wheelchair, the user has to puff up a cheek meaning that with the dorky electrode cap and you puffing up like a blow fish, your cool-points take a hit but who cares, you’re control stuff with your mind!! Check out the Toyota Mind-Controlled Wheelchair in action below.


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