Tough As Dirt – JCB Bikes

These days it’s all about cross-branding and diversification into different markets (well, it is if you’re a large company and even a blogger). JCB (more known for big yellow tractors and, well, dirt more than anything) could do worse than look into these designs by Coventry University student Tom Bull who has come up with these rather cool JCB Bikes.
The JCB motorbikes are eco-powered endurable off-road vehicles which boast a host of cool gadgets (which is how they ended up being displayed on GadgetHeat). Powered by a Lithium-ion battery pack and a 23kw electric motor the JCB bike has a chrome Molybdenum frame and and aluminium subframe. The electronics controller and on-board computer keeps everything nicely in check and although GadgetHeat can’t see any builders taking to the JCB dirt-bike in a rush, it looks like it could be a definite hit with motorcycle-heads in general.
Whether or not JCB will actually pick this bike concept up is yet to be seen but if someone in their marketing and PR department sees this, I would get on the phone to Tom quick time and see if he has any more ideas up his sleeve…









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