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Topps 3D Live Baseball Cards » WoW It Ain’t



The Topps 3D Live Baseball Cards kind of creeps us out a little. The thought of little men in our hands has always weirded us out and these baseball cards purport to be just that.

Obviously, the marketing images of the Topps 3D Live Baseball Cards are a little misleading as the 3D avatars displayed when you hold the baseball card up to a webcam are displayed on your PC screen and not on the actual cards themselves (now that would have been an amazing Star Wars-like feat of technology).

Designed to appeal to the internet kiddie generation, the Topps 3D Live Baseball Cards also allow you to interact with the players in simple catching, pitching and batting games once the cards are activated. In principle, this is a good spin on the old collectible-cards idea but in reality, we all know that it won’t be long before Pirate Bay has the whole Series One collection available for download without the need to g out and buy the cards.

So much for keeping up with technology eh? Video below.


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