Tokyoflash Hanko » $20 If You Can Read This Thing



Usually we spend some time trying to explain how the heck to read TokyoFlash

watches but with the Tokyoflash Hanko, as it comes with its own (much needed) chart, we won’t bother trying to explain the inexplicable.

Not known for making easy to read watches, the Tokyoflash Hanko must be the most indecipherable yet. Even the chart explaining how it all works isn’t great.

In fact, we’re so sure that the average person won’t even bother buying this watch for time-keeping purposes (only for cool-points), we’ll give $20 bucks to anyone who can tell us what time it is in each of the pictures below (answers in the comments below), and gives us a good example (and we do mean good), of a practical reason to have a watch that’s so hard to read!

The Tokyoflash Hanko is available now from the TokyoFlash website

for just under $100.











  1. 1st picture: 8:59
    2nd picture: 12:55
    3rd picture: 4:45

    I’m pretty sure these are right, but there’s nothing to indicate if the colour of the LEDs has anything to do with the time.

    And this is my final answer.


  2. @Dan Payment

    Good effort but I don’t think you’re right on that first picture. The second picture down shows the colors and the time indicators.

    You forgot to add an interesting reason as to why (for the love of God) would you make a watch so hard to read….?

  3. 1st pic: 7:59
    2nd pic: 12:55
    3rd pic: 4:45

    You got them all right apart from the 1st one Dan and no the colours dont indicate anything it just depends on you how flashy and indecipherable you want your watch to look.

    As to why you would want to make such a difficult to read watch I have no idea but you’ve got to admit that it does look pretty impressive.

    There is one thing i’d like to ask though which is whether it would be possible to let me know if it displays any kind of animation after you have read the time like in some of the other TokyoFlash watches, i.e once every minute for 12 minutes.

    If you could reply to my e-mail address as well please?
    Thank you

  4. 1. 7:59
    2. 12:55
    3: 1:15

    it’s actually really simple 😀
    I once owned a Tokyoflash Heko, and what surprises me is that the concept difference between the Heko and the Hanko is very different. I LOVE TOKYOFLASH!!! ^^

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