TokyoFlash Fire Watch – Don’t Expect It To Tell The Time



There is no doubt that TokyoFlash have some great watches. We reviewed the TokyoFlash JackPot watch

a little while ago and that was pretty sweet. The TokyoFlash Fire watch however, is something different. If you want a watch that tells you the time in a straightforward manner, this isn’t it.

The TokyoFlash Fire watch hides its tricolor LED screen behind what looks like a steel grate. The Green LEDs signify the minutes, the red LEDs mark every 10 minutes and the yellow LEDs represent the hours.

We guarantee that you will be looking at the watch for a good 5 minutes before you can even tell what time it is.

Who cares though, sometimes cool doesn’t have to be practical, it just has to be, well, cool. The TokyoFlash Fire Watch is available now for a princely $130.



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