The Coin Lamp – The Price Of Light



The Coin Lamp by Jethro Macey aims to make you realise the value of the energy we are so carelessly wasting.

You can have as much light as you want, as long as you pay for it…..Light from the Coin Lamp is activated via a coin-operated switch (hence the name….) with light being available for a predetermined time.

We all know that we need to save energy and look after the environment but how many of use really take that message on board? I know that the lights are left on in these offices all night and some peoples PC’s are left on for days (ahem)…

After activating the Coin Lamp and when your time runs out, it’s lights out baby and you have to insert more change if you want to continue to bask in its glow. Designer Jethro Macey must have been on a tight budget when he came up with this one.

The Coin Lamp is not yet in productions but could soon be available so stack up those quarters because it’s going to be a long winter….




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