The BridgePC – Bridging The Concept Gap?


bridge pc

GadgetHeat has a Love – Hate relationship with concept design. We love them because they are usually uber-cool and like nothing available on the market today. We hate them because the likelihood of some of the best concepts actually reaching the market is slim to none.
The BridgePC concept by Roy Whitson, AK Stratton, Dustin Cullbreth, Colin Jackson is another such device but it looked way to cool for us to pass over so resigned ourselves to salivating over yet another concept whose reality may be in a far and distant time.
The BridgePC was a finalist in this years NextGen PC Design competition. Motion sensors within the device allow users to interact with the BridgePC without touch (which leads to the query what happens when someone or something gets in the way of the motion sensors…we’re sure they have an answer for that…).

The design of the BridgePC facilitates a slide out ergonomically designed panel that is well hidden when shut and graphically and functionally changes with use. You can also use the BridgePC to project images onto a surface thus eliminating the need for a separate projector to carry around (although saying that, you can get pocket sized projectors

these days).

When will we get our hands on the BridgePC concept? Who knows but if you are looking for a PC with a dollop of customization you can check out the Bamboo PC by Dell

or Commodore C-Kin

offerings both of which, whilst not as innovative as the BridgePC, are available right now and not a pipe dream….




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