The Art of Fusion

Aerospace WeldingWe’re not talking about any funky neo-art here, we’re talking about the ever so tricky skill of solid-state and Fusion welding.

If you’re not in the mechanical industry you may not appreciate just how diabolically difficult it is to get welding just right, otherwise you could very easily end up with a plane, car or train that falls apart midway through it’s journey. Wouldn’t that be a pickle?

Of particular difficulty and in need of expertise is Aerospace Welding

. If you have ever wondered how planes, spaceships, helicopters and the like are able to take-off, the answer is – very precise mathematics. There is such a tiny margin of error in aerospace engineering that one small mistake and you will get a $5,000,000 piece of equipment turned into a very expensive parts skeleton.

For this very reason standards in the Aerospace welding industry are of the highest importance. No-one wants to be that guy who went for the ‘surprisingly cheaper tender’ only to find out at 50,000 feet in the air that you get what you pay for. (Please don’t let me be that guy…..)

With such an international community as the aerospace industry, standards must be rigorous across the board so that whether you are in China, Russia, India or America you know that the quality of the parts needed to make the magnificent whole that is a flying machine, are well and truly up to scratch.

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