Teac LP-R500 Turntable – Full Retro



Anyone seen Tropic Thunder? Remember the scene when Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. are talking about why you shouldn’t go ‘full retard’ in a movie if you want to win an Oscar? Well the Teac LP-R500 Turntable reminds us of that. A gadget should never go ‘full retro’ otherwise it just becomes, well, old….

The Teac LP-R500 Turntable allows you to take your old vinyl and record it onto either tape or CD (or record your tape cassette onto CD). Considering the move towards digital downloads and MP3, having a gadget recording your audio onto CD seems dated straight out of the box.

Speaking of dated, there definitely are many cool looking retro devices like the Retro Wireless USB Microphone

 and the SONY ZS-S4iP iPhone boombox

 but once again, the Teac LP-R500 Turntable went ‘full retro’ with the design and came out looking like something your mother used to have.

If for some reason you’re desperate to get your hands on the Teac LP-R500 Turntable, you can fork out the requisite $650 or €550. On the other hand, if you want an even more garish turntable and you have absolutely no taste, check out the Scheu Analog Diamond turntable

, it may be right up your street…





  1. Please, tell me price of TEAC LP-R500 complete with cost of send.

  2. You can pick them up direct from Teac for £299 including delivery or some people are selling them online for £269 including delivery

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